Luciette van Hezik


  • In an individual counseling I met a woman who had the feeling in her life that she was stuck in a set pattern, where verbal therapy did not provide the desired results.
    Out of the basic locomotion I guided her to the swaying balance movement, where she herself felt the need to work towards ‘The writing”, specifically the staccato.
    In the alternation of staccato and melodic movement memories and images began to surface of an isolation chamber where she had spent time 16 years ago when she was admitted due to post natal depression.
    Feelings of  powerlessness, sadness and anger surfaced, but also her expression of power, which surprised her and also gave her a liberated feeling.
    When I asked her which animal she could experience in this, she modestly indicated a cat, but in reality is was more like a lion!
    Through the task out of  expressive art therapy to build a lion out of yellow clay, she has step by step been able to give a form to her ‘snowed under force’ and has integrated it into her daily life.
  • Another possibility for me to integrate Michiel Dhont’s method is in learning to express my own individuality.  As my thesis I want to do a study into the effect of using both hands as well as only the right and left hand with all the visual techniques of expressive art therapy to stimulate the halves of the brain which can occasion a complete harmonisation of man in his healing process.
    (Translation: Liesbeth Rientjes)


expressing inner images… Learning by Doing