Primery/Elementary school

the Timeless Hour for Primary/Elementary School

the Timeless Hour – a work book for the Group teacher and the Remedial Teacher in primary education and other educational institutions

‘an atmosphere of Wellbeing and Flow in the classroom

The central theme of the method the Timeless Hour is that the child is able to intuitively express its own perception of its environment in a direct and creative way.
Through the teacher’s application of the exercises as a lesson an atmosphere of wellbeing is created in the classroom. The teacher does not need to be an artist him or herself. The pedagogic training alone will be sufficient.
This will enhance the relationship based on mutual trust between the teacher and the children.
The exercises in the Timeless Hour contribute to the teacher’s increased job satisfaction in his role as mediator to the child with regard to the passing on if culture.

Range of individual or collective exercises. The 22 expressive exercises can be carried out either individually or collectively by two or more children.

Circle exercise in a primary school’s gym

Relatively few art materials are required. The exercises result in children absorbing and integrating subject matter more easily. Increase of cognitive intelligence. Increase of the child’s cognitive abilities. See the example exercise: the Clay exchange.

expressing inner images… Learning by Doing