UN Conference

The United Nations by the Committee of the WHO – World Health Organization – has asked me, as author of
‘The Timeless Hour’, to introduce and initiate my method/book by giving sessions at the Conference 2002 in the Netherlands. The Committee of the W.H.O. motivated their choice because of the following aspects:

  1. The book offers direct and simple didactic tools for application in the classroom
  2. Well-being for teachers as well as children in the learning process
  3. Supporting the formation of personal identity of children in group processes through the emphasis on Emotional Intelligence
  4. Promoting children’s Social Intelligence in general and especially in multi-cultural situations
  5. Because of the universal character of the method, this workbook can be put into practice in all cultures
  6. The method is useful for children / adolescents / adults in Education as well as in Curative / Art-therapeutic purposes

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