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References, people who are working professionally with the method ‘the Timeless Hour’ in education or art education…

All the people below are or have been working in the field of primary or other types of education and can be contacted for questions or information exchange. They have given me their e-mail address specifically for this purpose.

  • Cas Rooseboom working in Kenya…with ‘the Timeless Hour’; some very nice results: read more…

These are pictures of a session with small children in her own art studio as well as in primary schools. More about these experiences…

  • Simone Rosier, Art therapist and trainer of children, their teachers and teams at primary schools. Private courses and consultations.

I’m developing a broad, new kind of primary school, age 4-14. Integration of childcare, welfare and Art Education are the major objectives. Development of all talents! Every child around this primary school, also children with special needs, can visit it. Basic assumption is, what I call “inclusive learning”. Because of work experiences in the past and the content of ‘the Timeless Hour’, the author Michiel Czn. Dhont has recently accepted my invitation to participate as an advisor in the development of this project.”

  • Job van Velsen – Director Primary School / Tutor / Chairman of a group initiating new methods of “inclusive learning” and structures in teaching in the Netherlands. +

The essence of the method described in – the Timeless Hour – is: gently rolling away the stones that obstruct the creative flow deep within every child and adult person. Working without judging removes one stone. Working regularly with closed eyes rolls away another stone. Using both hands activates the two hemispheres of the brain and makes it possible to carry away the third stone. When these and other stones are removed during the process, the last ones will be pushed aside by the power of the creative flow itself.”

  • Mrs. W. Uitgeest – Tutor Hogeschool Leiden, the Netherlands / artist / publisher / Art Therapy – bachelor degree.

For school and school teams we recommend the creative and existential approach as described in ‘the Timeless Hour’ by Michiel Czn. Dhont.” Scientific exchange in ‘learning by doing’ of the book ‘Linkedness’ and ‘the Timeless Hour’. Both books are about scientific exchange and acting in practice with children in many different circumstances.”

  • Dick Visscher – Tutor and former director of a public primary school, Hardenberg, The Netherlands.

Based on my 25 years’ experience as a Primary school tutor and manager I recommend the use of the book ‘the Timeless Hour’. It helps children develop their personality. It provides an extra and basic dimension.”

  • Gerard I first encountered the method ‘the Timeless Hour’ when I gave a few practice lessons in my own class of eleven and twelve year old children at the Bronwater primary school in Heemstede, the Netherlands. I was then filmed with my class for the video which accompanies the workbook the Timeless hour. At this school I was both director and group teacher. After having become better acquainted with the practice, execution and the results of the method, I decided to relinquish my job at this school and to go back to my old profession: coaching autistic children. I am now doing this with great pleasure and using this effective method.

Luciette is working in a partnership, combining verbal and/or body therapy with expressive art therapy.

Dear Michiel,

Below my experience and vision regarding your methodology. I want to offer an example of the counselling of adults, where drawing out of movement and modelling with clay have had far-reaching results through a combination with Social Art Therapy…

Read more about Luciette’s experiences…


As above the people below are also working with the method of ‘the Timeless Hour’. They are willing to tell you more about their experiences with the method and can be reached by e-mail.

  • Chantal van der Erve / Tutor / Trainer Primary Schools with children and teams /
  • Cocky den Duijf / Tutor Primary School / Mercuriusweg 440 1443 VN Purmerend / The Netherlands / Cocky has offered several pictures of the children in her own class which can be found in the workbook ‘the Timeless Hour’.
  • Dick Visscher / Tutor Primary School /
  • Gaudula van Vlissingen / Teacher Training College for Primary School – PABO /
  • Hanneke Beckers / Tutor Primary School / Initiator / and
  • Inge Evers / Visual Artist / Tutor / Journalist / She has held an interview with Michiel on group teaching, featured in several magazines in Holland and Belgium / inspired and supported Michiel to write the workbook.
  • Joke Schwencke / SKN –Foundation for Childrens Welfare Stamps Netherlands / and sponsor of 2000 Video cassettes of the Instruction-video delivered with the workbook /
  • Joop Kuijs / Headmaster of a Primary School, Chairman of the federation of Jenaplanschools in the Netherlands; Chairman of the board of a school for special education. /
  • Marijke Sluijter / Editor-in-chief / Chairman of EDUCARE Magazine / Published an interview with Michiel on his method in the magazine Educare /
  • Meri Helga Mantere / Art Teacher University of Helsinki / Finland / as an Art Therapist joined many Art Therapy courses in Finland as well as in France, where Michiel had been teaching /
  • Roeland Frank Hoefsloot / Tutor / Therapeutist / Author / Director and founder of the Art Therapy Centre ‘de kleine Tiki’; Followed a one-year course in Amsterdam at Michiel’s studio.
  • Ruud Emous / Educational Consultant / Former Director of S.L.O. the Netherlands in Enschede / Initiation of new methods into Primary School Education. Advised the Publisher of Lambo / Arnhem, to publish ‘t Tijdloze Uur / ‘the Timeless Hour’ because of it unique approach in ‘learning by doing’. He also contributed towards the realization of the introduction of the workbook to the UN / WHO at the ‘European Conference of Health & Education‘ in 2002 through seminars and the promotion of ‘the Timeless Hour’ method.
  • Ryanne van Os / Counsellor in Coaching / self management / author: Personal Power- Kosmos Z&K. /
  • Rudolph Kempers / Visual Artist / Teacher Primary School & Secondary School / specialized in working with the method of ‘the Timeless Hour’ towards multicultural integration / tel: +31(0)644381922 /
  • I. Steinert contributed as a co-author in parts of the development of the book ‘The Timeless Hour’. She has been working for years at the University of Amsterdam. Her major subject in pedagogics is ‘Profession – Language – Learning by doing’. Her major publication is: I. Steinert, De betekenis van Feuerstein’s gedachtegoed voor het onderwijs: Mediatie als vorm van begeleidend onderwijs en leren in de klas. (About the significance of the vision of Feuerstein in education…) Samson H.D. Tjeenk Willink, Alphen aan den Rijn, 1998. Tel. Amsterdam + 3120 2644696;; Paris + 33 143497937;

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