Solo & Group-treatment

Individuals & groups


Individual exercise: Basic drawing movement

Individual exercise: an 6 year old girl is drawing from the ‘Script’ exercise 8.5. This is about stimulating the I-experience, experiencing inner power through expression, focusing, limiting and as the ultimate aspect making a primal form. This is very well illustrated in this picture. Making a shape can be very satisfying and is an important aspect of the development of the child’s/person’s identity/personality. Not all children of this age are ready to create shape in a spontaneous way! If so it will be an exiting experience for the child (above).

Group exercise: Clay exchange exercise

The clay exchange exercise. Communicating with eyes closed. First feel what you receive. Then you are free to decide if you continue working on the piece of clay you have received or to completely change the clay. Keep your eyes closed throughout.

Group introduction exercise before Clay exchange exercise

Group and pair exercise: part of the clay exercise. While walking around and through meeting children exchange a ball of clay and every time feel with their eyes closed if another child’s ball of clay feels ‘different’ or ‘the same.

expressing inner images… Learning by Doing